Monday, March 30, 2009

Episode 3: "Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. "

Welcome to another installment to my Blog project. This week's title is based on an Oscar Wilde quote about color. I've been thanking artists and friends who worked on making the Nebres card for the Chaotic Card Game by drawing cards based on each of their names. Coincidentally I honor two Colorists in this episode: *Be sure to check out their blogs on my 'The Good' list located on my sidebar*

Emilio Lopez is one of the best colorists I know. Emilio colors my measly designs and has made my drawings look much better on more than one occasion. I based his character loosely on the chinese folk character Songoku which was Emilio's costume last Halloween. Emilio was born in the Year of the Monkey so that worked out nicely that I made the Lopez a monkey like character. (I know a lot of people that were born in the year of the Monkey.) The Lopez has the most re-works I've done cause I just wasn't happy with earlier sketches. I think I felt that the Lopez looked too much like every Songoku drawing out there. so I made the Lopez multi faced and multi limbed so he can fight multiple opponents all around him. Note also I used a design Emilio created for his E-mann avatar. The design is a really cool Death's Head graphic. I stamped it on the face mask and tip of the staff.

If Jimmy Tran's charm doesn't win you over there is something definitely wrong with you. Along with being a great Animation Colorist, Jimmy is also a really good Break Dancer. The Tran design is based on the premise of a Perim fighter implemeting break dance moves in his fighting style. The look of the Tran is inspired by Jimmy's character on the Nebres card. The idea is these guys are a group of Assassins and Tran was one of them. Going Rogue, Tran left the order and fights for his own reasons now.

That's it for now. Thank you to two great guys who with their knowledge of color, has made my drawings look REALLY professional and at the least, tolerable time and time again. :)

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